The Cold Dark Patricide of A Disappointment (For True Story)

from by Dweeaboo

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Used during the Biolizard fight. The thing about Biolizard is that he's basically the only good boss in the game; despite the step-up in basically every other arena, the fights tend to be short, anticlimactic, and boring at best. Even Finalhazard is a chore; disregard Live & Learn (given its inherent charms, that seems impossible, but bear with me) and all you're doing is mashing one button and holding random directions (with very little in the way of actual feedback).

Biolizard, however, is something entirely different; the notoriously wonky early 3D Sonic camera actually manages to work to the game's advantage here, giving the arena a much more claustrophobic feel by centering everything on the lizard's head or tail (depending on which you're closer to). Its attacks are tricky but easy to avoid with patience and an eye for its patterns, and it generally feels like an actual example of a boss fight as a test; it's a final exam on Shadow's moveset.

If any part of the fight seems inconsistent, it's the ending; shutting the gravity off is a surprising move and is effective at keeping you on (well, off) your toes, but its complete disregard for what came before, not to mention its complete lack of telegraphy, gives it a sense of cheapness not shared by the difficult-but-not-unfair sections before it. It's not even that the sequence is particularly difficult (it's actually likely the easiest part of the entire boss) but rather that it doesn't serve any purpose besides instructing the player on the Finalhazard fight, which, again, is complete garbage anyway. Throw it out, I say.

Good boss fight for the most part otherwise, though.


la da dada da da da da da
you killed your dad


from Dweemix, released April 1, 2016



all rights reserved


Robert J! Lake Chicago, Illinois

my name is rj; i do music (other stuff too) and most people know me for making music for homestuck. this is my april fool for 2016, where i miss the point of an april fool by releasing 16 minutes of free music. maybe donate, that would be cool. main bandcamp link below and in the album description and also it's here:

thank you and you're cool!
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